The Cat Empire @Razzmatazz, Barcelona.

10 Nov

ImagenDear Felix Riebl and the rest of the members of The Cat Empire,

It’s a long time since I wrote the last post in this blog but its reason to be was what I am going to do now, expressing my happiness.

You were amazing last night in Barcelona. I can’t remember a show in which the whole crowd were so commited. I mean, even if the room was so small, even if it was hot as hell, you just had to look at people faces, it was all joy.

It was you first show in Spain and I am quite sure that through the experience you will repete more than once. We’ll be there.

PS. The real reason of sending this letter was to claim you for my Tarragona’s flag. It was a big rush when you took it but that was not the deal. You were suposed to exchange it for one of the band. Waiting for it. Thank you again for an amazing show.

Yours sincerly,

Albert Sas.



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